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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Buildings today consist of diverse fire risks, which can originate from storage materials, liquids and machinery, as well as different chemical and paint storages, Li-Ion batteries, electrical rooms and office environments.  To handle these various fire risks and to ensure safety of people, property and business continuity, the fire protection systems and equipment must always be ready for immediate activation.

A Sprinkler System is designed to protect both equipment and personnel without affecting either operational processes or the environment.  Water is automatically discharged through sprinkler heads to the exact area that is showing signs of a fire incident.  The discharge of water will suppress, and often extinguish the presence of heat and fire.  Without a sprinkler system, fires in have a higher chance of spreading beyond the area of ​​origin, and even spread between floors and buildings.

Classic has the in-house ability to design, supply and install the following Fire Protection Systems:

  • Sprinklers (Wet, Dry, ESFR, Pre-Action, Deluge, Water Spray, AFFF Foam)
  • Gas Suppression Systems (Inergen, FM-200, Novec 1230, CO2)
  • Standpipe and Hose Systems
  • Dry and Wet Chemical
  • Fire Alarm
  • EVAC

Disclaimer: Sprinklers or other fire protection systems should not be substituted for: structural fire resistance; compartmentation between floors; compartmentation of stairwells, elevator or service shafts. Nor should sprinklers be used as a reason for increasing the use of combustible materials in the building's construction.

Do you have an antifreeze (glycol) sprinkler system?

You may be adding fuel to the fire.

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