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For more than a combined 75 years, Classic Fire + Life Safety (CFLS), through its founding partners, Classic Fire Protection and Forest City Fire Protection (FCFP), has consistently demonstrated a commitment to a “safety first” culture driven top-down from our CEO and our leadership team, and further reflected in the safety attitudes and performance of our employees.

Commitment to health and safety is at the heart of our entire organization.  Each of our team members has a critical role in our common responsibility to reduce the risk of injury and illness in the workplace and job site.


Health & Safety Policy Statement

Our first company principle is: No compromise on safety, service, quality and culture.

Every person in the organization is responsible for contributing to a healthy and safe working environment. To this end, the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Ontario) and the Workplace Safety & Health Act (Manitoba) will serve as minimum acceptable standards for Classic FLS.


Health & Safety Action Plan

  • Increase jobsite inspections
  • Ensure accuracy of jobsite inspections
  • New Employee orientation
  • Additional Safety Talks
  • Job site orientation focusing on the goal
  • Review severity of discipline policy

We want to promote a culture of safety for the well-being of our employees, our industry parnters, and those we work for.


Response to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Classic FLS continued to deliver all ESSENTIAL SERVICES to our clients while maintaining the highest levels of safety. The fire alarm and sprinkler systems in your building are considered mission-critical infrastructure and must be inspected and maintained to keep people and property safe.

The staff at Classic FLS are taking all the necessary precautions as directed by Public Health Canada.

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