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Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Utilizing an online intelligent inspection reporting system, our customers receive accurate comprehensive inspection reports with data and statistical analysis on every inspected device complete with verifiable results for all your fire & life safety systems and equipment.

Some of the benefits our clients have been receiving:

  • Instant Reporting – Your inspection reports are available through our secure web portal before our technician leaves your facility. No more waiting. Our advanced reporting tools enable our inspectors to quickly gather data on your safety devices and ensure they are in working order and that code requirements are met.
  • Device Accounting – Each safety device is uniquely barcoded and scanned during our inspections, complete with a time and date stamp technology to ensure each device was inspected and that no safety device gets missed.
  • Deficiency Identification – Each deficiency is clearly identified and tracked to ensure your life safety system repairs have been completed.
  • Forecasting - Fire & Life Safety Equipment such as Fire Extinguisher and Fire Hoses are categorized to display future service dates. This helps your team proactively budget for these items in advance.
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing that your inspections are being completed in accordance with today’s codes standards. Our system validates that Fire Alarm Technicians are in good standing with CFAA with registration details highlighted on our reports.

When you choose Classic Fire + Life Safety, your Fire Alarm and Sprinkler systems are inspected by certified inspectors who will ensure your systems are operational with minimal interruption. If deficiencies are found, we will work with you to identify the areas of concern and make the necessary repairs.

You will never have to worry about remembering to schedule your inspections. We will send you a reminder one month in advance and schedule a time to complete the inspections that is convenient for you and your staff.

Deficiency Repairs & SERVICE

If deficiencies are found during the inspection process, our Service Team will work with you to identify the areas of concern and make the necessary repairs. Our goal is to ensure that when the Fire Department comes to inspect your buildings, they find all systems are operational according to the Fire Code standards.

Classic has invested in state-of-the-art service equipment to perform recharging, as well as low and high pressure testing of all hoses, hand portable dry chemical, wet chemical and CO2 cylinders. From routine maintenance, or if units have been discharged or damaged, our time-proven structured process enables us to ensure that all servicing brought into our serviceshops are completed within a timely manner for the company and the customer.

Emergency Service

When emergency service work is required, you can call our Service Department 24-7. Our service technicians are on-call and can often respond to your call within one hour. All our service technicians and fitters carry a wide variety of fire alarm, sprinkler and security parts in their vans and they will ensure that your issue is dealt with quickly and professionally.

Additions & Expansions

Your Fire Alarm, Sprinkler and Security systems are designed to provide detection and warning of fire and other life safety emergencies. When your facility requires small repairs or modifications to your existing systems, Classic FLS can provide you with a solution that ensures full compliance with local codes.

Whether the job is a simple relocate or a new addition requiring fire protection, we can look after everything for you. Our highly trained service technicians and sprinkler fitters are available to handle any of your needs.  We can provide you with a quoted price or proceed with any repairs as a T&M service call.

End-Of-Life Budgeting

A customer once said “It is easier for me to spend $500,000 that is in the budget rather than $500 that isn’t budgeted.”

Any fire or life safety system or equipment has a life span.  All building owners and managers have a choice to make as it pertains to aging fire and life safety systems:

  • Wait until a system or piece of equipment fails and needs emergency replacement
  • Plan to modernize your systems and equipment in smaller, regular steps.

Planned modernizing is less disruptive, keeps your systems up to date with current technology, and will reduce the costs and the difficulties of maintaining aging fire and life safety systems.

Fire Safety Plans

The Ontario Fire Code requires a Fire Safety Plan for many properties and businesses and the plan must be reviewed regularly and any changes are required to be submitted to your Fire Department.

At Classic FLS, we offer the preparation of Fire Safety Plans for existing and new buildings.  Along with our clients we work to prepare and implement a plan that exudes clarity, professionalism and the means of executing the safe entry of the fire department and the safe removal of your staff.

Required content for Fire Safety Plans:

  • Schematic drawing and identification of the fire protection equipment.
  • Emergency contacts, responsibilities and departments for the building.
  • Planning procedures for emergency evacuation of occupants.
  • Procedures for fire drills, training of supervisory staff and implemented fire watches.
  • Routine maintenance schedule and responsibilities of fire protection equipment.

Once the plan has been completed and reviewed by the owner for accuracies, we are not finished.  The plan will then be submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for review and approval.  During the approval process Classic FLS will follow up on the status on the plan and keep an open dialogue with you.  Once the plan has been approved, we complete the process by implementing the plan at your location with the identified key people within your organization.

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