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Special Hazard Systems

When water cannot be used in environments that contain specialized equipment, electrical components or are exposed to freezing temperatures, there are alternative systems that can be installed that will contain, suppress, and eliminate a fire incident.

Our waterless fire suppression systems are utilized to protect irreplaceable high value assets that would be compromised when utilizing conventional water-based systems that could be as devastating as the fire itself.

Applications that may benefit from a Special Hazard Systems:

  • Computer and Electronic Control Rooms
  • Data Processing Centres
  • Medical Facilities
  • Archive Storage / Museums
  • Tape Storage Vaults
  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Commercial / Naval Vessels
  • Critical Military Systems
  • Power Generation Facilities 

Special Hazard Solutions:

  • Inergen Fire Suppression Systems
  • Argonite Fire Suppression Systems
  • FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
  • Novec 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
  • High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems
  • Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems
  • Mini Bulk Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems

Other Special Hazard Product Offerings Include:

  • High Expansion Foam Systems
  • Medium Expansion Foam Systems
  • Low Expansion Foam Systems
  • Water Mist Systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Early Warning Fire Detection Systems
  • High Speed Optical Detection Systems
  • Water Detection Systems
  • Linear Heat Detection Systems
  • Spark Detection Systems

Disclaimer:   sprinklers or other fire protection systems should not be substituted for: structural fire resistance; compartmentation between floors; compartmentation of stairwells, elevator or service shafts. Nor should sprinklers be used as a reason for increasing the use of combustible materials in the building's construction

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