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Fire Suppression - Overview

Too many fires are occurring in buildings that either don’t have any, or do not have the proper type of suppression system.  Retrofitting these properties will have the highest impact in making them safer.   

A Suppression System discharges an agent (water, gas, powder) automatically through sprinkler heads or nozzles to the exact area that is showing signs of a fire incident.  The discharge will suppress, and often extinguish the presence of heat and fire.  Without a suppression system, fires have a higher chance of spreading beyond the room of origin.

Our goal is that each system that we install operates according to the intension of its design. We achieve this goal through the use of the highest quality components and expert installation.

Estimating Department

Our experienced estimating team will work with you, or your representative, to provide a free estimate that will meet your requirements, as well as those of general contractors, insurance authorities, and all building and fire codes. 

  • New installations in any type of construction.
  • Service work and repairs to all types of existing systems.
  • Retrofits of existing buildings.
  • System upgrades.
  • Fire pump installation and replacement.
  • Standpipe systems.
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems for sensitive equipment and critical assets.


Proper installation is the key to an effective suppression system. Our fitters are members of their local Sprinkler Fitters union. They make customer satisfaction their highest priority and work together with other trades, contractors and owners to do the job right – the first time – on time. 

Fabrication is done to the exact specifications on the drawings, enabling us to reduce installation time. We test each and every fabricated pipe before it is sent to site to ensure threads are perfect and there are no leaks in the welds.

Once the job is done, let us maintain and service your new system and help you comply with your local building and fire codes.

Design & Engineering

In partnering with our clients as the building is being planned, we can provide valuable insight and cost savings prior to the tendering process. The end result is a complete fire protection design package that is fully coordinated, engineered, and ready for permit tendering and installation.

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Fire Sprinkler System

A Sprinkler System is designed to protect both equipment and personnel without affecting either operational processes or the environment.  Water is automatically discharged through sprinkler heads to the exact area that is showing signs of a fire incident.  The discharge of water will suppress, and often extinguish the presence of heat and fire. 

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Special Hazard Systems

When water cannot be used in environments that contain specialized equipment, electrical components or are exposed to freezing temperatures, there are alternative systems that can be installed that will contain, suppress, and eliminate a fire incident.

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