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The sad reality is that every home and business need to have some level of security in today’s day and age.  Your Security System can be as simple as locking your doors, to an integrated wireless IP based system with a combination of Surveillance, Access Control, Perimeter Control, and Monitoring.  Our security team will work with you to design a user-focused system that suits your needs and make recommendations to assist in the protection of your premise.

Classic FLS offers installation and servicing for all levels of Security Systems, Surveillance Cameras, and Access Control including Card Readers, Biometrics, and Door/Entrance Security.  We are a member of the Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA) and have industry-certified technicians to install and service your system - no matter how big or how small.

Having professionally managed Monitoring is an integral part of your complete life safety systems.  We offer monitoring services for your Security System, Fire Protection Systems, and Fire Sprinkler System including ULC Monitoring.  Classic uses only ULC listed products and professional installation to ensure that you and your facility are protected at all times.



Cloud technology has become more prevalent across all industries and business types, and the security industry has been at the forefront of this new technology.  Cloud home security systems have already been widely adopted by consumers who use Nest cams to monitor their property and Ring cameras to replace traditional doorbells.  Businesses have been slower to adopt cloud technology, but that is changing as costs and bandwidth limitations decrease.  However, instead of adopting solutions designed for home use, businesses need to consider enterprise-grade technologies for security, scalability, and to be bandwidth conscious.

Cloud-based systems record and store data and video in cloud storage using an internet connection.  Traditional systems required storage on a physical hard drive using wired connections.  Cloud-based security systems have the same benefits as other cloud services, such as:

  1. managed infrastructure for IT teams
  2. easy customization and integrations
  3. regular firmware updates
  4. remote access from anywhere

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ULC Fire Monitoring


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