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Detection & Notification

Varies types of detectors and sensors work together to provide warning of the presence of a fire incident.  These detectors can be conventional or addressable and are designed to the specifics of your building.

Initiating devices, such as pull stations and modules, work in conjunction with the detectors and sensors to ensure that any fire incident is communicated to the fire alarm control panel, and ultimately to the people in the building.

Notification may be the most vital component to any fire alarm system.  If a fire event occurs and no one is notified, unnecessary damage and harm could occur.  Fire protection notification devices include audible (horns, speakers), visible (strobes), or combination of both to alert the occupants of a fire or other emergency condition requiring action.

Provide Clear Instructions - Voice Communication System

One of the best options for notification is to install a voice communication system.  The fire alarm control panel will annunciate the presence of a possible fire by sounding alarm bells and sirens (audible devices).  These sounds may be confusing to many of the tenants of the building.  By using a voice communication system, clear verbal instructions, in multiple languages, can be delivered throughout the building to assist in notification and evacuation as required.

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