Classic Fire + Life Safety, one of Canada’s fastest growing and largest employers in the fire and life safety industry, kick-starts today a province-wide recruitment campaign aimed at securing up to 50 full and part-time positions by summer.  Based on the theme “More than just a job”, the campaign includes print and digital media advertising, a presence at trade shows and career fairs, partnerships with associations, colleges and trade schools as well as various incentives to encourage referrals among its staff.

Openings include fire alarm technicians, sprinkler fitters, customer service staff and sales staff across all nine of the company’s Classic FLS branches as well as other business units, specifically Apex, a fire sprinkler fabrication and supply company, and Northern Sprinkler Design, a fire sprinkler design and engineering services company.  

“Our success starts with our people,” says Randy Bird, president of Classic FLS.  “We’ve been able to grow over the years thanks to an amazing network of colleagues who share a passion about helping others.  We’ve had success in hiring competent and passionate people and so we’re inviting all of our staff and customers to reach out to persons within their network who may have a job but perhaps are looking for a more fulfilling career.”

The company is working with staff to search for applicants and reward referrals and has begun to promote featured positions on its LinkedIn account.  An extensive list of openings is also available at Indeed, as well as on the company’s website careers page.

The company recently hired Melissa Diaz to help lead the campaign.

“Working in fire and life safety is extremely fulfilling,” says Melissa Diaz.  “That’s the common feedback from most if not all of the persons I meet.  No matter the vantage point, working in this industry is meaningful. Each of our team members contributes in some way to protecting and saving lives. It’s something no one here seems to take for granted.”